Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Barrenjoey Lighthouse is situated near Palm Beach in New South Wales. It is quite a walk to reach the top and with a 5 year old and a 2-year old, it was very brave of us to go there. The path we had to follow was so steep that we had to take turns carrying our youngest son and that is with break around five minutes in between. Yes, it was challenging but the view when you reach the top is spectacular. It was worth all the hardships. The photos below are some of the photos I took. See for yourself.

Our car is one of the cars parked on the right side of the screen. Oh yeah, we started from there.


Slowly, slowly walking our way to the top


Halfway there


We have reached the top. Yay!


There is it. The Barrenjoey Lighhouse which was built in 1881



This is my favorite view


Poor trees were burnt where there was a headland fire in 2013


There is our little darling happily exploring the place.


So beautiful to look at


My boys looking down to the water as some people were kayaking


There they are. I might try to go on a kayak in the future..


It was a very lovely experience especially it was with my boys. We would do it again one day but in the afternoon as we would like to stay until the sun sets.

Thanks for dropping by!