South Korea Part 2

After a restful sleep and a sumptuous buffet breakfast, which cost a fortune as we had it in the hotel- it was not really a good move as we only have cereal, milk and toast in the morning, we were ready for another day of exploring the beautiful city of Seoul. This time we did not take a bus but just walked across Mapo bridge to Yeouido, which was celebrating a festival for some flowers and cherry blossom trees. I was in awe looking at the pretty trees. They were so beautiful! There were close to 2, 000 cherry blossom trees along a few kilometers stretch of the road which they closed for people to really enjoy the beautiful trees. It was such an amazing for me and I really had a closer look at the flowers. We were fortunate to go that day as it rained a few days later.

Lotte world was our next destination and we took a taxi to get there. It was a bit expensive as we could have taken the train but it was the first and the last taxi ride we ever had in Seoul. Their subway is one of the best I have ever seen. It is fast, clean, and affordable. Just grab the map and off you go, rest assured you won’t get lost.

Lotte world was packed when we got there. The queue to take the fun rides were long but we waited in the hot-air balloon like ride as it seemed fun to be up so high inside it. It was fun indeed! We could see everything from where we were and the people down below us looked so tiny.

We could not be any luckier as the Mask Festival was also on and there was a parade. A lot of people stopped to witness it. The performers were great!

Beautiful day to walk across Mapo bridge to Yeouido


and my dream to be able to see and touch this tree came true. ahhhhhh…so pretty!


It was starting to get packed when we got there and we had to be quick in taking photos. Hubby did a great job.


I forgot what this one is called but it was delicious.


Crown inside Lotte World Mall


Here we are. Let the fun begin..


Breath-taking view


Hubby and our eldest son paddling in a duck-like boat while I had to stay back with our little love as he was to small to go on this ride. Very sad it was!


I was a bit apprehensive to ride this thing but I did it in the end. It was fun!


We were up in the ceiling while this performance was on. I had to zoom it in to take this photo. They were good!


Look how small everyone looked like from where we were.


Mask parade


Our children were amazed watching this but had to cover their faces once when one of the performers approached them.


After a very fun and exhausting day, we got back to the hotel and had this Fish cake skewer soup. My husband and I enjoyed this but was too spicy for our boys that their cheeks turned red. Had to order something else for them.


The very popular ” chimaek” which is ¬†chicken and ” maekju ( the korean word for beer). Beer was in hubby’s hand. Where else can it be?


We took the subway to get back the hotel. If my memory serves me right, we only paid 3000 won for myself and my husband. At our destination, we just had to insert our tickets in the Refund Deposit machine and we have 500 won deposit back. These coins were saved as we used them for when we did the laundry at the hotel. The kids and hubby went for a swim while I went to the shops to buy cereal and milk for our breakfast. Anything to save money.

It was exhausting but fun day for all of us!