South Korea Part 1

For so many years, I have dreamed about travelling to South Korea. Firstly, I watch Korean dramas. Secondly, I love their culture, their history is very interesting and I have lots of Korean friends. So when the opportunity came that we could travel overseas, I suggested South Korea to my husband, to which he agreed.  And so we went via Singapore, and that will be blogged about later.

One thing I must say is that you don’t need to learn the language if you go there. I forced myself to learn some phrases  but when I started talking to Koreans in the few words that I have learned, they talked more and more and I could not understand them anymore. Lol! Most people understand basic English, especially the waiters, sellers and people who are catering tourist’s needs and wants. So don’t stress yourself about communication. You will be fine.

Because we stayed there for 10 days I will write about our experience into a few blog posts. I hope you get to enjoy the blog as  I take you to our beautiful journey in South Korea.

We stayed in a place called Lotte City Hotel Mapo. It was a lovely place as the subway, restaurants and shops were just below the hotel. Very handy indeed. Now photos time to give you a good perspective of how we enjoyed our holiday there.

Thank you! And we are glad to be here.


Living room where the children enjoyed watching Korean cartoons even though they did not understand anything at all.


Our home for 10 days. My husband and I loved watching football here while the children were watching cartoons in the other room.


That is the hotel at night. Just to the left of the hotel is where we had our first dinner. We had Italian food. Lol!


Italian food on our first night in Korea. Lol! Seafood marinara and pizza  were served to us.


Pool is a must for our trip if we want the children to be happy as well.


We were on board a bus in this one on our way to Gyeongbukgong palace. Very exciting!


You are not mistaken. There were cherry blossoms everywhere as we went there in Spring.


Tadaaaaa…the majestic Gyeongbukgong Palace. My favorite palace out of all the palaces they have. It was the main royal palace of Joseon Dynasty and was built in 1395.


The drum that is used during change of guards.


The king’s throne. We just settled in listening to some interpreters as we did not get one. Wink!


Beautiful isn’t it?


I so love this part. It seemed endless. Our boys loved running up and down this area.


Just in front of this was a man painting this view. I would have loved to buy if I had some money. Oh well, I am sure it would have been very expensive.


This is situated at the back of the palace


There were fishes in the water. We were not allowed to go near that structure. So we just settled in watching the fishes.


The guards outside the front gate. I was doing some silly poses with them but I was reprimanded. So just a friendly reminder guys. Don’t do silly poses with the guards! I apologized by the way.


This place is called Gwanghamun square. Just right across the palace where the statues of King Sejong and Admiral Yu Sun-Shin were located.


The statue of King Sejong ( The fourth King of Joseon Dynasty).


The statue of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin ( A naval Commander who fought against Japanese navy during Joseon Dynasty and came out victorious.)


Our couple of days exploring Seoul ended here. We caught a train back to the hotel for an afternoon rest, then we had a swim in the pool and enjoyed our sumptuous Korean food dinner. At last!

So that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading the post and looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for dropping by!