How my love of cooking started

Cooking was never my forte. Being the fourth child in the family, I  was never interested. Washing the dishes was my main job. I only knew how to cook fried eggs, fried fish and boiled rice. Since I got married, I was very determined to learn so I can feed my family and so I spend most of my time watching cooking shows, surfing the internet for simple and healthy recipes. My mom-in-law was the one who taught me a lot about cooking. From showing me different types of herbs, cheeses, flours, pastas and a whole lot more. It was so fun!

It was not an easy journey. I shed tears and went to our room the first night I cooked for my husband’s family because it was a disaster. I could not face them. However, they gave me words of encouragement, and from then on I said to myself that I should learn from it and if others can do it I can do it as well. Now I can say I am confident in the kitchen as long as I have a recipe. Lol! I wish I can create my own dishes. It will happen.  I have learned that if you really want something, you put your heart and mind to achieve it.

One day, I would like to have a restaurant or any food-related business back in my home country. I am learning as much as I can now, attending classes and watching heaps of videos to gain more knowledge about cooking.


Pork Katsudon


Osso bucco with risotto milanese ( a labour-intensive dish but very delicious)


Tuna with cannelini beans, onion and rocket


Goat’s cheese, tomato and caramelized onion quiche


Vanilla pannacotta


Christmas jelly slice



These are some of the dishes that I made that have become the favorite in our household.

Thank you for taking time to visit my page and may you have a blessed 2017. Xoxo


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