Bridge run

Sydney bridge run held was a couple of weeks ago. On the day of the event, I woke up very late and thought of not joining as rain was on forecast and I felt so tired. I finally decided to go, put my running bib on and then asked my husband to drive me to the train station. I only had 50 minutes before the race started and the travel time to get to Milson’s point, the starting point of the race, was 45 minutes away from our place. I was so anxious on the train feeling silly for staying up late the night before. When the train was approaching Milson’s point station, I saw my group started running already. I felt terrible. I squeezed past other runners for different category and just run to the starting point and thankfully there were so many of participants in our group that I was able to be with them.

There were so many participants. My friend who convinced me to join did the half-marathon run which was 21 kilometers started very early. She was very religious in her training and was also able to finish the race well. Though, she found it disheartening to see the top runners only a few kilometers away from the finish line. I am very proud of her achievement. One day, I will try to run for 21 kilometers but I really need to be diligent with training. Wish me luck!

The marathon started in 2001 as an event from when Sydney hosted the 2000 Olympics. Fifteen years on and it is now one of the best marathons in the world with breath-taking view of the Sydney Harbor.

Running with people from different walks of life, age, race, and raising funds for different charities was a great experience. I was on Skype to my boys when I ran across the Harbour bridge. It was wonderful! Helicopters hovering above us, cameras everywhere and people cheering us on while ran on our way to the finish line.

I would definitely do it again the the future. The next time might be with my boys or could be the half-marathon, who knows. Or maybe the ever-doable 9 kilometer-bridge run.

I am happy to be a part of an event that raise money for different charitable organizations that also in return made me do training to prepare for it. I am looking forward to joining the next one. Though I did not take the training seriously, I was still able to reach the finished line with a good time result. I only ran for 9 kilometers across the bridge, which only close for motorist once a year for this particular event, but I was sore the next day. Lol!



So happy to have my second commemorative medal from the run. I did not win by the way. Everyone got a medal. The race winners got medals and cash prizes.


About to cross the bridge. Yey!


St. Mary’s cathedral onto our right. Beautiful!